Abstract Tattoo Ideas

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Abstract tattoo designs are always unique and intriguing, being the popular choice for both permanent and fake tattoos. The abstract art itself is a form of unusual visual perception of the world. The composition doesn’t reflect the reality in the standard way, so there are plenty of opportunities to use and mix different styles creating really amazing designs.

Abstract tattoo flashes may be gray, white and black or colorful; geometrical or made in smooth lines. You can include different patterns that are not usually come together in tattoo art — but they will totally be distinct as parts of the main abstract tattoo idea.

Abstract tattoos fit everyone, doesn’t matter who you are — typical girl or strong man. You can place your small flash on your nape, hand or ankle; or you can choose the big one and ink it on the big muscle group to give the sense of “living tattoo”: back, thigh or torso. If you want to have one of a kind tattoo — you should definitely consider abstract tattoo ideas!

50 Inspiring Abstract Art Tattoo Ideas
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