Abstract Tattoo Designs

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Abstract tattoo designs are the new trend nowadays. You can include and combine different patterns, quotes, imaginary or traditional symbols, patterns from the ancient mythology and much more. This may be many contrasting images or the one pattern made in different colors, or the main idea supported by smaller meaningful ones — when it comes to abstract tattoos there is no limit to your imagination!

The best places to ink an abstract tattoo are various too. But still the more unusual is the place — the more interesting is the design. Thus, abstract tattoo designs look impressive inked on the underarms, chests, face, waistline, hairline and other parts of your body. The best thing is the abstract tattoo image can represent everything you imagine, it may have clear meaning or the deeply hidden one, symbolize your creativity or rebellious nature in the way not visible on the first sight.

You may choose your tattoo to be visible and made on arms, neck or legs — or to hide it on the back, waist or the lower abdomen. There are a lot of online creators and design aggregators which you can use to create your own the very special design — it will be totally unique!

58 Best Abstract Tattoo Designs
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