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Tattoos that look real or like they are jumping off of your skin are becoming increasingly popular. 3D tattoos often take multiple sessions to get the amount of detail into the design that it requires. You should start with an excellent reference, such as one with exaggerated details and noticeable shading to accentuate specific parts of the design.

3D tattoo pictures may seem flat on the surface, but tilt your head slightly or move your screen a little so that you are accessing the design from the right angle. Your perception of the design will change and you will be able to see how it pops off of the skin. Spiders, ghouls, and action themes are popular for 3D tattoos.

There is a big difference between regular tattoo pricing and 3D tattoo prices because of the precision, technique, and time involved. It is also a little more difficult to draw a design on paper that looks like it is alive or moving, so the artist has to show his or her confidence through their work.

Look through some of these 3D tattoo pictures to see if you really feel the effect the artist was trying to accomplish. You will see how the use of color, blending, texture and component placement are all important to create a piece that conveys what the customer envisioned.

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