3D Tattoo Designs

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When you want a tattoo that stands out and looks like it’s about to jump out at you, make sure you are specific with your artist. It is a good idea to view a few 3D tattoo designs from previous clients of your artist to make sure they are capable of delivering what you want. A good 3D tattoo should use highlighting techniques, texture, precision and proper shading techniques.

A 3D tattoo should make people look twice to make sure it’s not moving. Some 3D tattoo designs are not made from animate object references; some are inanimate objects that are designed to look like they’re sitting in real form in-front of you. Choosing to get a 3D tattoo leaves a lot of room or theme, concept and creativity. Choose a main component to work from with supporting elements that create a proper background around your focal image.

Do you think the 3D tattoo designs we’ve shown here, as examples look dimensional? Browse through the selections here and see if you come up with a few ideas of your own to design a great 3D tattoo for your body. Look at how each element of the tattoo was designed to appear like it is not just body art.

30 Mind-blowing 3D Tattoo Designs
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