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Even though every tattoo is a personal expression that means something to its owner, there are themes, images, and famous fonts that keep drawing people in. Depending on your personal preferences, you might be looking for a font that is strong, or something a little more traditional such as calligraphy or even Roman numerals and the Greek alphabet.

Mirror writing fonts, cursive, and even basic print styles are all great fonts that you can use for standalone pieces, or to add to an existing graphic or image. While most people shy away from computer fonts, there is also a trend to typewriter styles. Whether you’re into symbols or tags, the most popular fonts are a great starting point when thinking about your next piece.

The best way to explore popular tattoo fonts is to try our cool generator. It lets you see your phrase, in the font you’re thinking of using. All you need to do is type the text into the box and click “Generate” to see your tattoo in an array of fonts. It’s fun and it will help you choose the exact font you need to express yourself with ink. Plus, you won’t do anything you’ll regret.