Panther Tattoo Designs

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Panthers are mysterious and ferocious predators, stalking in the dark jungle, appearing when you expect them the least. Panther tattoo design is not only a symbol of quiet power and tactics; it is also deeply connected with spirituality, alluring beauty, feminine divine and motherhood.

As the panther is the perfectly grace big cat, the panther tattoo image looks perfect when placed on the large muscle group: back, chest, shoulder or thighs — creating an illusion of movement.

You can’t count all the different style and idea variations of this tattoo — it may be only an animal’s head, its claws, or other patterns like water or trees may be added; it may be tribal, cartoon or realistic... And all these change the panther tattoo design meaning — sometimes slightly, sometimes quite notably. But the most important is what your tattoo means to you...

19 Creative Panther Tattoo Designs
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