Geometric Tattoo Designs

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Geometric tattoo designs quickly conquer the world of tattoo art. They are among the most amazing ones, for sure. But they also can look quite awful if are made in a wrong place. The most risky places for the geometrical tattoo flashes are muscles.

It’s hard to find perfectly strict lines on our bodies, thus this style requires the tattoo artist to have great skills: just one outline distorted may ruin the whole geometrical design. So if you are a perfectionist, you like perfectly straight lines and symmetry — you have to think twice about what design to ink and where it should be.

But if you are not so obsessed, geometric tattoo designs might be a great choice for you. They may have a deep meaning or be totally meaningless and still look great. Most of them are ornamental, but depending on the size and thickness of outlines they may be either delicate or epic — it’s your choice!

Besides, geometric tattoos may be inked in different techniques. If you want something light, discreet and simple — make your tattoo in dots or linework; for something bolder — choose blackwork or use different colors. And of course, you can make your tattoo in 3D — geometrical flashes made in 3D look extremely impressive! For sure, if you like mathematics, lines and harmony — geometrical tattoos are definitely for you.

52 Amazing Geometric Tattoo Designs
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