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Geometric tattoo designs became popular together with dotwork technique. This technique, as well as blackwork and linework, are widely used in geometric tattoo flashes — it depends on the design and its specific traits.

Many geometric tattoo designs refer to the shapes and patterns that you can easily find around yourself — in nature and industrial culture, too. One of the most popular ideas for geometric tattoos are the spiral and different representations of golden section — the last one is a symbol of perfection. One of the best designs connected to this idea is nautilus shell as well as the flower of life or the Gordian knot.

Geometrical tattoos are usually perfectly symmetrical, and also include circles and ellipses. For example, mandalas, or squares with many circles — this creates a perfect radial balance.

The other very popular variations of geometric tattoo designs are platonic solids: all — hedrons like dodecahedron or icosahedron. These designs are symbols of the oneness and our connection with the natural worlds around us.

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