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You may be interested in attending a tattoo event to introduce a new artist or artist apprentice. It is a good idea to pick easy tattoos to do since their skills may be good, but are likely limited. New artists are supervised by experienced artists to ensure that they are using safe practices and the right techniques.

Easy tattoos can take experienced artists only minutes to apply with perfection. You can create a fun tattoo by combining several easy tattoos into one piece. The classic skull with roses tattoo designs are a perfect examples. Those including a dagger and ribbon are also very easy and textbook to apply. Take in some easy tattoo drawings to give your artist a general idea of what you want.

Other easy tattoos to do are balloons in the clouds, a lily, and an eyeball. An eyeball tattoo can have some hidden designs within it to give it some dimension and mystery.

Look through these easy tattoo designs to see what most artists consider easy. You might be surprised with how much detail and time can go into pieces that are easy. Easy doesn’t mean plain, it just means that the concept is simple and there are not a lot of components to the piece.

327 Easy Tattoo Designs and Drawings to Do
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