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Simple tattoos are perfect for first timers. They are also ideal for young tattoo artists to master basic techniques. A simple design is ideal for sensitive areas of the body, as it will cause less trauma. Tattoos on sensitive areas of the body are painful, and simpler designs go typically go on faster, meaning your pain is over sooner.

Some simple tattoo ideas are a traditional rose, a skull, tribal, a name, and a heart. Cherries and semi-colons are also simple. Stars, moons, and music notes are other easy tattoos that are quick to complete. A simple band of stars, even done one at a time, make a great wrist piece that can be designed to make it look like real jewelry. You could do the same with geometric shapes, flowers, or heart to achieve the same jewelry-like look.

View some of the simple tattoo ideas here to see how you might be able to combine a few to create a beautiful custom design. Simple tattoos can also be used to add onto existing designs as another element or bridge between two themes. One of the benefits of getting a simple piece is that it is easier to add onto later if you wish.

359 Simple and Easy Tattoo Ideas
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