Chicano Tattoo Designs

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The Chicano style appeared in USA in the 40s and 50s as a part of the Latin community culture. The Chicano movement dedicated to the resistance and challenge, as well as to cultural autonomy and self-determination. The most known example of the Chicano identity is the depiction of life in the barrio (Latino district). The most interesting forms of Chicano art appeared in the barrios, including graffiti, lowrider cars and bicycles.

Typical Chicano tattoos were made by hand, sewing needle and India ink (a simple black ink). Thus, these tattoos are traditionally black. The most typical designs for Chicano tattoos are connected to the Chicano culture: women, lowriders, religious themes and sculls.

One of the classical Chicano tattoo designs is a little Pachuco cross in the middle of the thumb and fingers. It was used to identify the members of the Pachuco gang, as well as faith and loyalty to the community, family and God.

21 Chicano Art Tattoo Designs and Flashes
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