Bee Tattoo Designs

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Bee tattoo became popular over last few years. And there are already many designs and ideas of the bee tattoo. It is popular among both men and women. The design itself gives you a plenty of options to express the meaning you want to in unusual artistic way. Here are some of the bee tattoo designs and their meanings:

  • Multiple bees tattoo: family, unity, bond and social structure
  • Queen bee tattoo: royalty, power, leadership, dedication and honor
  • Bumble bee tattoo: hardworking, loyalty and self-sacrifice
  • Bee and flower tattoo: duty, sweetness and fertility
  • Bee and honeycomb tattoo: hard work, intelligence, order and cleanliness
  • Angry bee tattoo: strength, protection, courage and sacrifice
  • Bees with trails tattoo: adventure, hope and success
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