Tiger Tattoo Meaning

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  • Power, Brute Strength and Dominance
  • Danger and Destruction
  • Passion and Sexual Prowess
  • Energy (Solar totem)
  • Protection and Guardianship
  • Good luck and Fortune

For many people, who have animal tattoos, they are totems and represent the way of life. Tiger’s lifestyle definitely attracts our attention: these animals are driven by instincts and passion, not ration and reason; they are ferocious and powerful, but also extraordinarily beautiful. Though the lion is considered to be the king of the jungle, it is actually the tiger that really is: it’s the most skilled predator in the jungle, thus the power and strength are the most common meanings of the tiger tattoo. In different cultures tigers are symbols of the Sun. If you want to succeed in love, you should be “tiger in bed” — different parts of tiger body were essential ingredients of love potions.

And of course, many of us know popular tiger characters from the modern culture — Tony the Tiger and blockbuster Life of Pi are really unforgettable.

Tigers in Chinese culture are considered to be protectors of the deceased — tiger images on the tombs symbolize safe way to the Afterlife. Tigers beat off the Evil and the Misfortune. They are also usually portrayed with the Chinese god of Wealth, Tsai Shen Yeh. And who doesn’t want to have a little more luck and good fortune in the life?

Tiger tattoo design also represents independence and freedom: tigers roam the jungle alone; except of mother tigers, they also live alone. You may also choose a tiger tattoo design to exhibit your free spirit.

Of course, we should mention one of the tiger tattoo flashes, popular among the elite soldiers: tribal tiger tattoo design. For warriors, strength, fearlessness, power and dominance are the most important personality traits, and the Tiger is the best animal to represent these. Made in tribal style, tiger tattoo image become alive — this style perfectly emphasizes its graceful movements.

In Japan, white tiger is one of the four sacred animals. These tigers are very rare in wild nature, thus white tiger tattoo stand for your specialty, your being one of a kind. The tiger itself is a symbol of the North and the autumn, and also said to control the wind. Tiger is also aligned with Earth. The tiger tattoo is associated with strength and longevity.

In spite of adult tiger, that look horrendous and powerful, its cube definitely makes us think “Ahhhhh, he’s so cute”. Baby tiger is a perfect symbol of innocence and fragility, and mother tiger with its child is a meaningful image of maternity, strong family and motherhood.

We surely must mention Survivor’s most popular hit Eye of the Tiger: this song greatly indicates a connection between “a man and his will to survive”. It stays for the pure state: simple instincts, primitive desires and clear goals. The eye of a tiger tattoo itself symbolizes focus, patience and determination.

The Butterfly — a fragile creature, which you should protect and care about; the Tiger — a strong and dangerous predator, which you should be scared of. The first one is a symbol of innocence, femininity and weakness; the second one is a symbol of power, sexual prowess and strength. A butterfly tiger tattoo unites those totally different patterns, emphasizes that you should never judge a book by its cover. This tattoo design is often chosen by women, who are tough and untamable on the inside. It represents the inner strength and reserved feminine power.

Chinese legend says that five powerful tigers hold balance in the Universe. Each of them has its own color and mission. The White Tiger controls autumn and Metal; the Black Tiger controls winter and Water; the Red Tiger rules summer and Fire; the Blue Tiger rules spring and Earth. The last one, the Yellow Tiger, is a ruler of the Sun and must keep its companions in line.

The other Chinese legend describes the eternal battle between two feudists: the Tiger and the Dragon. Though they are alike (being both totems of Mother Nature and representing strength, fervor and desire), they are also direct opposites: the Dragon is wise and cold blooded, while the Tiger is instinctive and brutal. In such a way, Dragon Tiger tattoo represents fundamental mind-body dualism of human nature.

As you may know, the tiger is an endangered animal. Today, in the entire world only a few thousand left — this happened because of people hunting them for their beautiful fur. For people, who protect and care about them tiger tattoo has an additional meaning: it is also a great reminder of all the work they do to save and protect the population of tigers. Tiger tattoo is also an outstanding way to exhibit your fascination and respect to these animals.

Tiger Tattoo Meaning
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