Swallow Tattoo Meaning

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Swallow tattoo are old-school and traditional, still being a unisex choice. The swallow traditionally was associated with sailors – this bird is a first sign that the land is near. For the sailors, swallow tattoo was a symbol of hope of coming come safely. Every five thousand nautical miles a sailor inked a swallow on his chest – that’s why sailors with one or two swallow tattoos considered experienced and valuable. Moreover, the legend says that if the sailor doesn’t come back from the sea, the birds come for his soul and carry it into the heaven. That’s why the swallow tattoo was so popular among sailors – and was also depicted with other nautical symbols.

And swallows are also known by their return to home every year, no matter where they’ve been. These birds also choose mate for life – and thus became symbol of devotion, love, loyalty and family. In some cultures, the first spring swallow carries a financial success and good omen. Tattoo of two swallows is a great symbol of freedom – especially among prisoners. A swallow tattoo on the fists represents your fighting abilities - the tattoo is supposed to give you fast hands in a fight. On the other hand, swallow tattoo is a symbol of new beginning. It may symbolize the rebirth and transformation, overcoming difficulties or even survival.

The other meaningful swallow tattoo design is a rose and swallow one – symbol of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. It is associated with immortal everlasting love. As swallows considered as guardians of the souls, rose and swallow tattoo design may be a commemoration for your love to the lost loves.

Swallow Bird Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism
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