Snake Tattoo Meaning

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  • Rebirth
  • Mystery
  • Renewal
  • Transition
  • Infinity
  • Lust
  • Fertility
  • Sexual Energy
  • Transformation
  • Healing
  • Life cycle
  • Temptation

Snakes are the creatures we are terrified of. But they were also spiritual symbols since the ancient times. In ancient Greece, the snake was associated with Asclepius and thus healing, regeneration and medicine. Many cultures considered the snake as a symbol of rebirth — because of its ability to shed off the old skin.

In the Africa and Central America, it is a legend about a snake got god biting its own tail — similar to Ouroboros from ancient Egypt, this symbol is associated with life cycle. In some cultures snakes are also associated with fertility, and in Abrahamic religion they are symbols of sexual desire and lust. Double snake symbol has its own meaning, too: if you seek balance and equilibrium in your life — it is definitely for you. And of course we should mention deep connection between the snake and the wisdom. Plenty of ancient cultures recognize the snake as guardians of sacred knowledge. Here are some popular snake tattoo designs and their meanings.

Every culture has its own tribal patterns that have special spiritual meaning and connected with the Nature. Thus, tribal snake tattoo meaning differs depending on the culture, but anyway, it is associated with the spiritual world and the Nature.

Eagle and snake tattoo combine two parts: snake represents desire and temptation, whereas eagle is a symbol of nobility and morality. This contrast reveals the most fundamental trait — duality of the human nature, endless war between the Good and the Evil. The other designs with the similar meaning are: the lion and snake tattoo where lion is a symbol of masculinity, primal power and strength; the dragon and snake tattoo that shares its meaning with Yin Yang symbol.

The coiled snake is an extremely dangerous animal that is always ready to attack suddenly. So if you want to show the world your inner strength hidden underneath your exterior calmness, coiled snake tattoo is the best choice.

Dagger and snake tattoo, also known as the Caduceus, represents staff of Asclepius, the Greek deity of the medicine. Snake have always been associated with rebirth and fertility, and together with dagger it represents renewal and transformation.

Rose and snake tattoo is especially popular among women. Rose is a symbol of love, beauty and passion. It is a symbol of femininity. On the other hand, snake is associated with lust and sexual desire. Together in the one design they represent the temptation, the loss of the innocence and beauty in the hands of an intoxicatingly evil cheat.

The other popular combination is a skull and snake tattoo. As skulls are the epitome of mortality, death and fading, and snakes are symbols of rebirth and regeneration, their presence in the one pattern together represents life cycle.

Snake Tattoo Meaning
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