Sky & Space Tattoo Meaning

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The universe is full of awe-inspiring symbols and images that make for amazing tattoos. If you are looking for a meaningful, personal piece, then perhaps you should consider an astronomy tattoo meaning infinity, power, or destiny.

The universe is immense and infinite, making it an ideal symbol for infinity itself. The symbol for infinity made from stars is a stunning visual metaphor, as is the same symbol with a planet in the middle.

The planetary symbols are a great way to express power, especially the masculine symbol for Mars. The sun is also powerful if you would prefer a representative image rather than an actual symbol.

It’s often said that our destiny is written in the stars. Star signs, constellations, and even the moon all speak directly to destiny.

Think about how the various stars and bodies in the sky make you feel, and use them as a basis for a meaningful piece.

Astronomy Tattoo Meaning: Infinity, Power, Destiny
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