Scorpion Tattoo Meaning

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  • Power and energy
  • Aggression and warning
  • Afterlife and guardianship
  • Survival and self-defense
  • Rebellion and strategy
  • Mystery and healing
  • Altered perception and wisdom

The scorpion as a symbol has a great history. You may choose it because of your Zodiac sign or because your interest in the afterlife and unknown. Or just because the scorpion tattoo looks great! But there is much more about scorpions... For example, scorpion tattoo may be a symbol of freedom from limiting beliefs about death. To explore meanings of this tattoo, let’s look into its history.

In the ancient Egypt there were a lot of beliefs connected with the Afterlife and the Death. The scorpion was considered to be a guardian in the life-after-death — it was a symbol of goddess Selket, the guardian of transitioning souls and protector of mummification rituals. Thus the scorpion may be a symbol of soul-evolution, the Afterlife secrets and wisdom.

For African aborigines, scorpions were not only symbols of life and death, but also healing because of their stings, though they might be lethal. Moreover, scorpion sting can also lead to hallucinations — being therefore a symbol of limitless perception and altered states of consciousness. This is why scorpions are also shamanic creatures.

The other meaning of the scorpion tattoo is survival. The scorpion is justly named a master of survival — it lives in a very inclement climate. And being a Solar symbol, it is associated with energy, serenity and life.

The scorpion tattoo may also symbolize independence and isolation. If you’ll look at the scorpion in its habitat, you’ll see that it’s quite solitary. Even after birth, they spend only limited time with their mother until they shed their first exoskeletons — after that they begin the life on their own. This is an example of intensive relationship followed by the isolation — another symbolic meaning. And there are the most popular scorpion tattoo designs and their symbolism.

Scorpio zodiac sign tattoo surely fits you if you’re a Scorpio. All the symbolism associated with this sign you can easily find (or already know) — loyalty, passion, dynamism, obsess, independence, mystery, dark temptation. This type of the tattoo may be made as a Scorpio zodiac symbol or the constellation itself, with other patterns like your name, birth date, scorpion’s shape and others — as unusual, as your imagination would create.

Stinging scorpion tattoo is the next popular design. Its symbolism depends on you. It may be a symbol of lethal and deadly creature that must be avoided at all costs. It symbolizes your readiness to fight and attack — and of course defeat your enemies, even if they’re much bigger than you. On the other side, the stinging scorpion tattoo may also be connected to vulnerability and defense. In this case other patterns may be included in the design, symbolizing fears you need to fight with. The scorpion is a symbol of inner strength and no matter what kind of the scorpion you are — offensive or defensive — stinging scorpion tattoo design lets everyone know that you are stronger than you seem and shouldn’t be underestimated.

As you see, scorpion tattoo may have different meanings and may include various additional patterns — whatever you want to, just use your imagination!

Scorpion Tattoo Meaning
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