Phoenix Tattoo Meaning

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  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Fire, the sun, passion, energy
  • Purification, cleansing, healing
  • Immortality, long-life, good health
  • Victory over death, resurrection
  • Prosperity, good luck, long lasting marriage
  • Resurrection, reborn, renewal
  • Strength and opportunities

Unlike all the other birds, phoenix is a mythological bird. So, when it comes to the phoenix tattoo — variations of images and design are limitless. You can make your phoenix tattoo look like you see it! And in additional, meanings of a phoenix tattoo are awesome: rebirth, growth, life, longevity, and much more.

There are some a little bit different legends about phoenix depending on the culture and historical era, but all of them include a number of common patterns. As you know, the phoenix is able to recycle its life. It dies in the fire and then rises again reborn and renewed from its own ashes.

In Rome, phoenix has been associated with the Roman Empire ever living and was featured on Roman coins. In the Middle Ages the phoenix was a symbol of Christ and especially his resurrection — as he came back to life in three days, just like the phoenix from the legend. In Greek myths phoenix was a flaring bird — especially attractive because of splashes of color in its plumage. In Egypt, the phoenix was a sun-loving bird with gold feathers. In Jewish legend, the phoenix was the only creature that refused to eat the forbidden fruit. To do so, it consumed itself in flames and reborn from the ashes in three days. For this, the phoenix is a symbol of the victory over temptation, sacrifice and renewal.

In China the phoenix represented virtue and grace, and only the Chinese Empress could wear this symbol. It was associated with a feminine divine, when the dragon represented the masculine energy. Together, they represent the duality of the universe, union of the opposites. Chinese phoenix was strongly connected with five primary elements and thus may have black, white, green, red or yellow plumage. In Japan, just like in Roman Empire, the phoenix was one of the emblems of the Japanese Empire — as well as was the rising sun. Japans call the phoenix Ho-o, meaning the Immortal Bird.

When you decide to ink the phoenix tattoo, you can use color meanings to expand the meaning of a phoenix tattoo. This bird can be made of gold, like an Egyptian legend says, or you can make it with all the colors of the rainbow. But you should remember that every color has its own symbolic meaning. For example, red phoenix may refer to energy, passion and creativity, when the blue one is connected to intuition, peace and tranquility. And of course we shouldn’t forget about a double phoenix tattoo meaning: in China, it’s a great symbol of perfect balance and yin-yang principle. A double phoenix tattoo may also refer to harmonic partnership, good luck and long lasting marriage.

As for the general meaning of the phoenix tattoo design, commonly it involves an event that changed someone’s life. It may be the loss of a loved one, some traumatic events or the moments when you’ve been close to death. This is the most popular meaning of the phoenix tattoo for men in order to always remember how hard life really is — and how strong they are. The phoenix tattoo may also inspire and remind the wearer to never give upconsider and to challenges and difficulties as opportunities to grow and reborn.

Phoenix Bird Tattoo Meaning
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