Peacock Feather Tattoo Meaning

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  • Beauty
  • Protection
  • Pride
  • Creativity
  • Optimism
  • All seeing eyes
  • Courage
  • Pregnancy and fertility

Peacock feather tattoo design consists of the two parts with special meanings: the peacock itself and the feather. Thus, the overall meaning of the peacock tattoo image one way or another incorporates both of them. On the one side, peacock is associated with pride and beauty being an interesting and gentle pattern. On the other side, the feather is a symbol of creativity, spiritual evaluation and rebirth. Combinations may be different, but here are the most popular ones.

A peacock feather tattoo might be done by a very proud person. The one who’ve chosen this tattoo may be either very proud of himself for good reasons, or just very arrogant. So be careful with this design if you choose it for this meaning — maybe it’ll be better to make a small peacock feather tattoo rather than the one on the whole back, for example?

Patterns on the peacock’s tail feathers looks like eyes — that’s the reason who the peacock known as the bird with 100 all seeing eyes. Thus the peacock feather tattoo may symbolize your open mind and courage in the face of danger and challenges. It may also indicate your desire and ability to keep your eyes wide open. But there is also the other meaning. In Egyptian, Roman and Greek cultures the eye on the peacock feather was the “evil eye”. Though it’s not a bad connotation — in this way, peacock tattoo design refers to the protection of the bearer.

Simultaneously, peacock as an animal totem has special meaning in Indian culture. It is believed to be immune to snake bites and their blood considered to chase away evil spirits. Thus peacock feather tattoo can also be the symbol of protection against the evil, or just the people who want to hurt you. In Christianity, peacock feather is a symbol of pure, innocent soul, immortality and resurrection. In Chinese culture there is a belief that if a peacock looks at a woman who has problems conceiving, she will be able to get pregnant. Therefore peacock feather tattoo may be the choice for expecting mothers — as a symbol of easy labor and fortune to the newborn.

We should go back to the 18th Century to reveal the next meaning of this tattoo. During those times, the peacock was a symbol of tailors and textile industry. Peacock prints and images of its feathers are widely used in the fashion industry until now. That’s who peacock feather tattoo may indicate interest in textile and fashion industry.

As you see, the peacock feathers are extremely beautiful and unusual. Many girls choose this peacock feather tattoo design only because of its beauty. Nevertheless, peacock feather tattoo image is a great way to show your inner beauty through the outer one. It’s not surprising that peacock feather tattoo wearers are believed to be good, honest, kind, patient and highly optimistic.

Peacock Feather Tattoo Meaning
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