Paw Print Tattoo Meaning

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  • Movement
  • Running
  • Children
  • Power and Strength
  • Dog

Paw print tattoos are not among the most popular, but they can be especially meaningful. Those tattoos may be very small and imperceptible — you may not notice them at first sight, but they are so unusual and simple at the same time that you definitely wonder what a story is hidden behind the design.

In general, paw print tattoo indicates the passion for movement, progress and changes. A set of paw prints along your foot may reflect your passion for running. At the same time, paw print tattoo inked on a scar can be a symbol of new life and enduring painful moments.

Of course, every paw print is associated with an animal. Some people make this tattoo to the memory of the beloved pet or to show their passion towards it. Others choose paw prints of the animals that are rarely pets — wolves or lions, to symbolize power and strength associated with those predators. Sometimes paw print tattoos may also be the symbol of children — for example, three paws for three children. Each of them may include the name of a child to remind the parent of him/her wherever they may be. And of course, each animal paw print has its special meaning, slightly different from the general ones.

Dog paw print tattoo. This tattoo is definitely among the most widespread. Dogs have been our best friends for a very long time. They are great pets due to their devotion, playfulness and sharp intelligence. The paw print tattoo itself may be connected to these traits as an independent pattern or may be a part of the bigger design. The tattoo may include a paw print together with a dog’s name, or you can ink the head of the dog (or even the full body!) with paw prints below it — it is one of the cutest and admirable designs!

Paw Print Tattoo Meaning
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