Owl Tattoo Meaning

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Meaning of owl tattoo:

  • Magic
  • Power
  • Clarity
  • Dreams
  • Wisdom
  • Intuition
  • Guidance
  • Protection
  • Awareness

What is the main owl tattoo meaning that comes to mind? What do you want your owl tattoo to symbolize? Owls have always been associated with magic and mysteries of the darkness. The owl is one of the best symbols that express humanity’s appreciation for the shadow side of our life.

For Native Americans owls have been both symbols of the afterlife and protectors against evil spirits. Connected to these meanings, owl tattoo symbolism, as well as owl feather tattoo meaning, is associated with mystery, intelligence, guidance and protection. If you feel comfortable dealing with mysteries of the darkness – owl tattoo is a great choice for you.

In many cultures owls are deeply connected to the moon. Being creatures of the night, they carry symbolism of the darkness, intuition, magic, dreams and life cycles. Countless cultures have honored the moon for serving as a bright beacon piercing the dark of night. The owl serves the same symbolic purpose.

As you know, owls are very sensitive creatures: most of them cannot bear exposure to light. But they are creatures of the night that feel perfectly in the darkness. Thus, the owl became the symbol of the hope in dark times: no matter how black the shadows around are, the owl always sees the way. Owl also symbolizes our ability to open our view – and find good sides in every life situation.

The other common belief is associated with the owl’s role as protector of the dead – it is even known as “Angel of Death”. That’s why one of the traditional owl tattoo meanings is the connection to the afterlife, and owl becomes an underworld messenger.

Owl Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism
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