Masks Tattoo Meaning

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Masks enable their wearer to be whoever they want and disguise their identity. While mask tattoo meanings often follows this direction, specific masks have special meanings and symbolism that makes for great tattoos.

In Japanese culture, the Hannya mask represents contempt in women, and varies with the color of the mask itself. This is a popular tattoo for its jagged teeth and distinctive style, but it is doubtful that people know the true meaning behind the mask.

The drama masks associated with theatre productions are also a popular choice among the theatre set. Their meaning is clear: they represent the range of emotions associated with performing arts. An ideal tattoo choice for an actress or emotional person.

Much like voodoo masks, African masks are associated with ancestors or spirits. Worn during cultural celebrations, they transform the wearer into a character, hero, or villain.

Masks have hidden meanings and stories that make them an ideal choice for tattoos dedicated to the complexity of a world where not everything is as it seems.

Mask Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism
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