Indian Feather Tattoo Meaning

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  • Free Spirit
  • Courage
  • Strength
  • Freedom
  • Bravery
  • Warrior
  • Loyalty
  • Honor
  • Protection
  • Guidance
  • Native American Indian culture and traditions

You are of Native American blood, culture or heritage? The Indian feather tattoo design is the great way to show your loyalty, pride and homage to Native American culture and traditions. You may be just interested in the culture of American Indian tribes. Or you also pick up ancient customs of the American Indians. No matter what the exact reason is, Indian feather tattoo is certainly the best choice when it comes to the expression of this devotion. But of course you can make Indian feather tattoo just because the design looks really great. Indian feathers can include feathers from many different birds, like a peacock, eagle or hawk.

In Native American culture, warriors wear feathers when they go to war — for protection, strength, bravery and courage. Moreover, Native American Indians used feathers almost everywhere: in weapons, clothing, rituals and so on. Indian feathers are vital elements that were seen in headdresses, arrows, dreamcatchers and art. The Indian feather tattoo symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power and freedom and many more things.

What are the most obvious associations that come to mind when we think about Indian feather meaning? Feathers are able to fly in the wind and they have no limits. They come from the birds associated with courage, free spirit and liberty — hawks and eagles. In Native American culture eagle is believed to lift the souls of the dead to the heavens. Thus, Indian feather tattoo is a great symbol of free spirit, free soul and more commonly — freedom.

Indian Feather Tattoo Meaning
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