Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning

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  • Energy and vitality
  • Agility
  • Renewal
  • Loyalty
  • Happiness and a playful spirit
  • Passion
  • Love

Can you imagine a spring garden without hummingbirds? Anyway, it would be incomplete. Hummingbirds are little and tender, but their wings beat about eight times per second — what an energy and passion!

For many cultures, hummingbird symbolism is linked with life and prosperity. For the Aztecs, talismans in the shape of the hummingbird believed to bring its bearer sexual power, talents and a great flow of energy. Hummingbird is also the national bird of the Jamaica and it is a very popular meaningful bird in the Caribbean. More commonly, in Mexico and Peru many cultures paid great attention to those birds and a plenty of traditions and ceremonies were dedicated to them. From the above the Nazca plains in Peru, even nowadays you can see the giant outlines of a beautiful hummingbird carved into stone by the Nazca — a culture that existed before the ancient Incas.

But the most popular hummingbird tattoo meanings are of course love and joy. Generally, the hummingbird is known as the lovebird. Native Americans have legends about the origin of the hummingbird. According to one of them, the raven created those beautiful birds from the blossomed spring flowers. It endowed those creatures with the ability to flutter like “lambent sunlight through the leaves of the trees”. Hummingbirds were so grateful that they thanked every flower for the gift of beauty and grace. So the meaning of the hummingbird tattoo as a symbol of playful nature roots in this legend.

More commonly, the image of the hummingbird hover over flowers as a tattoo design is really an amazing way to depict this bird in action. Hummingbird and flower tattoo meaning is the mutual help and survival, fighting hardships and overcoming weaknesses. As well, hummingbird tattoo itself is associated with bringing joy, being a harbinger of hope, lending charm and representing life. If it seems like you — hummingbird tattoo will definitely be the great choice.

Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning and Symbolism
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