Heart Tattoo Meaning

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It’s natural to assume that the heart tattoos’ meaning is limited to love, but the truth is that the heart is a versatile and powerful symbol.

The traditional association with heart tattoos is love. The cliché of adding the name of your sweetheart into the center to tell the whole world you are in love with someone is still strong, although fewer people are willing to make that permanent commitment.

Just as there are different types of love, heart tattoos can represent anything from romance and compassion to friendship. Matching hearts can replace wedding rings and the heart is often added to memorial pieces.

The heart is also an enduring symbol of loyalty. By encasing a name, logo, or idea within a heart, you are essentially declaring undying loyalty. The addition of a crown or Celtic patterns or purple can amplify this sentiment.

Adding additional elements to a heart can also change the meaning significantly. A broken heart represents the suffering of love that’s been lost, while chains suggest that there is a lingering pain from a past relationship.

One of the most powerful additions to a heart that indicates suffering is to put a sword or dagger through the heart. Unlike Cupid’s arrow, this suggests that the wearer has been betrayed or hurt by a loved one.

If you are working on ideas around these tattoo themes, then perhaps you should consider adding in a heart with a twist.

Heart Tattoo Meaning: Love, Loyalty, Suffering
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