Falcon Tattoo Meaning

  • Freedom
  • New Hope And Opportunity
  • Focus And Determination
  • Valor
  • Strength

When diving for their prey, falcons can reach a speed of over 200 mph! That’s the fastest airspeed of ANY bird in existence! You can generally find falcons wherever there’s pigeons, and they’ll catch them to feast on in mid-air with lightning fast strikes!

They’re most often seen in tattoo designs solo, and most falcon tattoos feature the unique facial features of the bird. As a bird of prey, you’ll find many tattoos featuring the falcon in full wing spread, as well as “swooping” down toward its prey. Another classic design is the falcon soaring high overhead, surveying the land for its prey.

Falcons are often associated with other carnivore birds, such as hawks and eagles. And although nowhere near as large, they share many of the same characteristics.

Through Native American symbolism, we can compare what a falcon can accomplish and understand HOW it’s possible. Symbolism helps us identify an animal's abilities, and understand how they’re designed so we can benefit from the knowledge ourselves.

Falcon Skill: The falcon is a very focused hunter that can kill other birds in mid-air with its talons instantly.

Relation To This Skill Within Symbolism: In Indian symbolism, the texts mention that to get what you want in life, you have to be focused and precise with your actions. Just like falcons are focused hunters, persay! Indian symbolism helps us break down an animal's abilities into skills/achievements, so we can learn how to better improve our lives.

We’ve got some great falcon tattoo designs here, so check it out!