Elephant Tattoo Meaning

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No doubt that elephants are really gigantic animals with enormous strength. Nevertheless, their temper is calm and peaceful — if not provoked. They can be called “gentle giants” — just like some people. Typical “gentle giant” is a powerful leader, who can dominate easily — but prefer not to fight, to solve problems in a calm and peaceful way.

The other hallmark of the Elephant is its longevity: it lives for 70-100 years. That’s why elephants were legendary creatures in the ancient Rome. As it was for Romans, Elephant tattoo design symbolizes eternity, immortality and long memory.

If speaking about social life, elephants have a unique hierarchy and social structure of the herd. Usually female animals stay together in a group of about 400 elephants to raise their offspring, when male animals roam by themselves. In a herd, elephants are extremely protective of the offspring and other members of it. If you share such qualities as family protection, loyalty to the closest friends and relatives — you definitely should consider elephant tattoo flash.

Aristotle wrote that elephants keep from sex for the whole period of mate’s pregnancy, that lasts for two years. This emphasizes not only chastity, but also loyalty, patience and ability to give their best when in a relationship. Also power and girth of the animal highlight its libido: in a rut, male elephants can become aggressive and fierce with no effort. Thus elephant tattoos are also associated with these deep emotions, masculinity and raw sexual tension in a couple.

Of course we can’t pass up the Elephant symbolism in Buddhism and Hinduism. For the first one, the white elephant is the most sacred animal. According to the legend, the Buddha entered his mother’s womb as a white elephant. Here, the Elephant is a symbol of mental strength, truth, peacefulness and love. Moreover, elephant tattoo image can also be a great symbol for maternity and fertility.

Hindu deity Ganesha has the elephant head. Ganesha tattoo often brings good luck and success; it also helps to overcome obstacles when you are pure of heart and intent. This deity is also a patron of art, science, great wisdom and acumen.

In Tibet the Elephant is connected to world creation: we all remember picture of an elephant (or elephants) holding up the entire Universe. In ancient architecture elephants are usually holding up huge structures, carved in foundational stonework and colonnades. Thus, the Elephant symbolizes stability, solid strength and world order. Elephant tattoo design surely fits people who “feel the weight of the world on their shoulders”.

Elephant Tattoo Meaning
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