Duck Tattoo Meaning

  • Migration Transition
  • Resourcefulness
  • Adaptability
  • Community
  • Resilience — Water Off A Ducks Back
  • Elusiveness

Ducks are well known as water foul, but did you know that they’re famous for other things too? They can fly, swim, run, walk, hide, and even dive underwater to escape danger.In fact, ducks are so resourceful, they’ll even approach humans for help in an attempt to “explain” what the problem is.

Here’s a quick example: 6 young ducklings got trapped in a hole after following each other in. The mother duck quickly rushed up to a bystanding woman and began frantically quacking in distress and leading the woman to the ducklings location. The woman was able to pull the ducklings from the hole, and both mother duck and her brood walked safely away.

Ducks are such highly adept creatures in survival. Their feathers are 100% waterproof. Even when diving underwater, the waxy coated feathers stay completely dry. And they’re one of the most valuable “game” birds in existence. Their feather down goes for very high prices, as does their meat. People keep them as pets too!

Indian cultures hold the duck in high esteem within the “Circle of Life” because of their exceptional survival skills. Celtic animal symbolism, which is similar to the Indian totem, regard the duck as honest, simple, sensitive, and resourceful. You can use all these symbols for your duck tattoo.

Indians even have duck Gods and Spirits, with two of the most notable being K’uik’ui (Yokuts) and Pawik Kachina (Hopi). Duck stories and legends exist throughout Native American culture, and bear the namesake of various dances and celebrations!