Cobra Tattoo Meaning

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The King Cobra is the largest venomous snake in the world. Its most known trait is the hood the snake shows when it’s in alert.

Cobra is one of the snakes, and thus generally cobra tattoo has the same meanings as snake tattoo... But there are some shticks. For women, cobra tattoo represents mysteriousness, intuition and unpredictability; for men — power and wisdom, together with insidiousness, slyness and darkness. If you add your initials into the design, this tattoo becomes protective; or you can make it in loving memory of those who are gone to show you will never forget them.

As for the cobra significance in different cultures, there are also some specialties. In India the cobra is sacred, being a symbol of the indigenous people and power. According to the legend, cobra sheltered Buddha from the sun as he slept. In Egypt, the cobra was a symbol of some ancient. The most wise and beautiful women, Cleopatra used cobra’s venom to end her life on earth. Moreover, cobra was also associated with the life after death mysteries. In Burma and India snake charmers frequently make a cobra tattoo with ink made from the snake’s venom — it is believed to protect a bearer from any vicious snake attacks. After all, cobra tattoo represents your deep connection with the Nature and also symbolizes status, nobility and fortune.

Cobra Tattoo Meaning
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