Blackbird Tattoo Meaning

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  • Mystery
  • Magic
  • Secrets
  • The unknown
  • Pure potential
  • Wisdom
  • Transformation
  • Hidden meaning

Blackbirds are great secret keepers and usually are associated with mysteries. To reveal their secrets you must solve puzzles and get through their ambiguous messages — and thus learn their wisdom.

The symbolic meaning of the blackbird tattoos is balance of the dark and the light, embodied in phases of the moon. Understanding of the connection between such different aspects of our life requires different use of our senses. This fundamental conception is linked to transition and transformation.

Moreover, this meaning is even wider. Bird means life in the heaven, high ideals, your path to the wisdom — and black color is a symbol of pure unlimited potential. Blackbird tattoo connects both of them indicating the limitless human transformations — we only need to get out of usual scenario and expand our rational mind. And of course our dark-feathered friends will guide us.

Nevertheless, meaning of the blackbird tattoo is not as easy — it still keeps us wondering. This design is perfect for the people who look for the wisdom and who want to reveal the nature of things. Black bird tattoo pattern is one of the quite a few designs that have no precise meaning and leave us a vast space for imagination. Thus it is really highly unique, personalized and mysterious design — perfect for people who look for the hidden.

Blackbird Tattoo Meaning
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