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Many tattoo ideas for women commonly include filigree, animals, and flowers. These feminine designs accentuate the overall theme of a piece, even if it is masculine in theme, to make it fit a woman’s personality and body.

Women are also likely to get smaller tattoos given the pain associated with some tattoo locations. Areas of the body with less fat will be more painful to tattoo. Areas of the body with thinner skin are also rather painful.

Some tattoo ideas for girls include water scenes, angels, hearts, and tribal designs. A tattoo should reflect a particular moment in your life or your individuality to make the most sense on your body. It's okay to get a tattoo of something you simply like or have great interest in as it is a representation of yourself through art.

If you take a few minutes to browse through some girl tattoo ideas, you may find some designs that are perfect for you. You may also get an idea to build off of to create a unique tattoo design. Work with your artist to make sure the tattoo makes sense where you want it and will present well as placement can distort how a tattoo looks in different positions.

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