Waist Tattoo Ideas

Waist tattoos have exploded in popularity in recent years, partly because celebrities have started exploring this often-forgotten piece of the human canvas.

The area between your chest and hips is easy to cover and thus attracts people who want to get inked for their own reasons, but this particular placement also allows people to show off their eccentric side simply by taking off their shirts.

Tattoos on the waist are more popular among younger people as their stomachs are still relatively firm and supple. And while not everyone succumbs to the growth that comes with age, you need to consider how your piece will handle the aging process. Women, in particular, need to be aware that pregnancy will stretch the skin and can potentially turn that feminine tattoo into an unrecognizable mess.

Having said that, a well-designed waist tattoo can stand the test of time and be a marker of your mantra that you can selectively broadcast. Traditionally, pieces in this area are part of a bigger work, and often cover the whole stomach. You can also get quite creative by using your navel as a part of the design, or dividing your stomach into sections with different tattoo styles.

Top 16 Waist Tattoo Ideas and Designs
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