Lower Back Tattoo Ideas

The often-discussed tramp stamp tattoos are a way for women to hint at their provocative side. It gives them a reason to wear a shorter cut shirt or low-cut jeans. These tattoos can be big and bold or delicate and feminine. Some tramp stamp designs are tattooed onto the low back area are centered while others span across the entire low back area.

The closer the tattoo is placed to your spine, the more sensitive that area will be to tattoo. You will need to have a bit of a tolerance to pain to withstand being tattooed across your kidneys and spine. Lower back tattoo designs are commonly tribal designs or flowers with filigree. These feminine designs are easily blended into extensions of the piece or new back piece elements.

It is important to wear loose fitting clothing while your low back tattoo is healing to prevent infection and irritation.

Look over the provided lower back tattoo ideas here to get an idea of different designs and their placements. If you have a design idea that goes across the entire lower back, consider implementing a focal point into the design at its center. That will help your artist work extensions to the side off of the design and ensure that it is symmetrical.

38 Hot and Sexy Lower Back Tattoo Designs
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