Tiny Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos have a rich history of being conversation pieces, and tiny tattoos are no different. They’re also great to identify people without any doubt. Think about it. If you wanted to increase the likelihood of being able to identify someone, a permanent “tiny” tattoo would help. Most people wouldn’t permanently tattoo their body unless it was SERIOUSLY important, of course, and it works! Tattoos are a permanent way to identify someone, so it makes sense!

Almost any logo will work well as a tiny tattoo, and we see lots of tattoo logos for popular sports teams, “business mascot” symbols like the Playboy bunny, symbols like the 4 leaf clover, playing card symbols like hearts and diamonds, and more.

Tiny tattoos are also easy to conceal. A 1 inch around tiny tattoo can can easily be covered with clothing and no one would know you had it done. Tiny tattoos can make people laugh or smile, and that’s valuable! Everyone seems to love images of cute things that make them smile!

Be sure to ask your tattooist about any new cute designs they’ve just added, or where there’s specialty shops you can find a design, especially if your current shop doesn’t have one you like!

93 Cute Tiny Tattoo Ideas
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