Thigh Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoos on thighs are a tattoo artist’s delight. The skin is usually in fairly good condition with limited exposure to sunlight — meaning it is soft, supple, and resilient. The skin on the thigh is also normally quite consistent in coloring and condition, meaning it’s a perfect canvas.

This placement is very personal and a little bit naughty — not too many people will get to see the piece unless you’re comfortable showing off your legs. The amount of space available also means that you have the freedom to explore thigh tattoo designs that are a little more extravagant — consider one large piece or a series of smaller works that fit your offbeat, brave character.

Side thigh tattoos have recently gained popularity. The ability to wrap a design around the body’s natural contour means that artists and owners alike can explore a range of different design ideas and ways to express themselves.

Tattoos for thighs are often less painful than expected, and because they are easy to hide they can be an ideal first placement if you’re exploring the world of tattoos. Just remember that your skin will stretch as you age!

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