Stomach Tattoo Ideas

The stomach is a good location for larger tattoos. Artists have more surface area to work with and can include more elements in tattoos on stomach areas to tell a more complete story.

The stomach has a bit of fat, some have more than others do, but it helps with controlling the pain of stomach tattoos. These tend to hurt a little less when you have a bit more padding protecting the skin. Wearing loose fitting clothes helps the healing process.

Take your time looking through some of these tattoo designs to see how tattoo artists work around belly buttons, skin flaps, surgical scars, and other imperfections on the stomach to create amazing tattoos. It will be more painful when the artist goes over scars, and it may require multiple applications of ink for the color to take on scars. Schedule a second sitting if you see that some color has come out on scarred skin.

Get some stomach tattoo ideas from local artists and those included here. You will notice that there really are no restrictions regarding theme, texture, or size for this body part. Look at how some designs are an entire scene with a focal point and a full supporting scene.

56 Magnificent Stomach Tattoo Designs
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