Spine Tattoo Ideas

Getting tattoos down the spine requires dedication, the ability to sit absolutely still and the ability to withstand a great deal of pain. Typically, the simpler the design the better — in this situation. There is not much separating the spine from your skin, so you will be sore afterwards from the irritation.

Back spine tattoos are an ideal way to hide scars, depict a spinal injury, and use special fonts to write an inspirational quote. Trees are also good options for spine tattoo design ideas. One design idea is to show your spinal discs in tattoo form. It would be anatomically correct and realistic. Fusing realism and biomechanical styles together could show your spine working in machine form.

Women choosing to get spine tattoos often consider something feminine with ribbons and filigree to visually extend the length of their back.

To get some spine tattoo ideas, view some that are provided here. You will see that some are rather detailed. These likely took multiple sittings to complete. If you plan an intricate spinal tattoo design, it is a good idea to schedule just the outline first. You can worry about the rest of the detail after the outline heals.

32 Flawless Spine Tattoo Designs
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