Small Tattoo Ideas

With small tattoos, you don’t have to stick with just one! There’s some pretty amazing small tattoo designs out there, for sure, but there’s also beauty in multiple small tattoos connected together. Such as connect-the-dot designs, star field galaxies, and more! Small tattoos can be cool by themselves, but a network of small tattoos is a truly awesome sight.

And remember, the quality of your little tattoo “network” complimenting each other will only be as good as the tattoo artist. For example, a brand new, emerging tattoo artist might make beginner mistakes, or not get your tattoo quite correct. For this reason, it pays to “shop around” for a tattooist with the experience and talent to get the job done right.

And also remember that most tattooists have their specific area of expertise. For example, one tattoo artist might be good at complex designs that come together using blur and photography artwork. While a different tattooist across town may possess expert skills in sketch art, and not be as good at photography art.

If you can’t come up with any design ideas yourself, try browsing pictures of small tattoos. It can provide inspiration to come up with your own little tattoo idea, or help you choose one that’s already there.

500+ Marvelous Small Tattoo Design Ideas
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