Side Tattoo Ideas

If you pick your side for a tattoo location, be prepared for the pain and reminders to stay still. Tattoos on side of body require that you remain. This is an area of the body that is almost constantly moving, which means that your tattoo is going to shift slightly and be seen at different angles. So, it is beyond important that you sit absolutely still so the artist creates perfection.

You will notice that side tattoo designs are ideal for using skin-ripping techniques, which add depth and dimension to your design. It is also a good location for quotes or motivational phrases as words flow well on this part of the body. Ask your artist to include finer details and texture into the parts of your tattoo that will distort the most to keep the image as readable as possible.

When you are getting side tattoo ideas, browse through these to see if you get some concept ideas or base designs to work off of. Make sure to ask your artist to show you a few different angles and placements of your design before getting started. Make sure that you are happy with the way the tattoo will present at the chosen angle.

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