Shoulder blade Tattoo Ideas

The shoulder blade does not have much fat. The closer the tattoo artist comes to the bone and when the artist tattoos over the shoulder blade bone, you will feel more pain. A good tolerance for pain is suggested for getting tattoos on shoulder blade areas.

One of the benefits of using this area as your canvas for shoulder blade tattoos is the wide, even space. Your tattoo will shift slightly in the design as your shoulder moves. It is important to take that into consideration as it may make portions of your tattoo become illegible or muddy in the design.

Designs that show motion, flight, or any kind of drama work well for tattoos on shoulder blade locations. Be creative with your design and consider letting it come over the shoulder to the collarbone area to add more interest to the piece.

Take some time to look through the provided examples of shoulder blade tattoos here. You may find some designs that have the same theme or purpose as what you’re looking for. Some designs may offer ideas for you to build off of too. Pay special attention to how the example designs are placed to obtain the right aesthetic of the design.

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