Shoulder Tattoo Ideas

Shoulder tattoo designs are very popular with men. They’re frequently chosen to represent masculinity, and stand as a testament/display of sexual prowess. Tattoos on shoulder areas are often jagged, sharp, and created as pure sketch designs. Meaning, they’re not photo like, and don’t display people, places, and things. They’re also usually BIG, and designed to intimidate other males.

The back of the shoulder blade is another area that’s highly popular in tattooing. Back of the shoulder blade tattoos often show a single object, using a single image or word to make an impactful statement. For example, a shoulder blade tattoo showing the logo of a motorcycle club, is one such kind of “single impactful statement” tattoo.

Female variants

While this kind of tattoo is seriously popular with men, there are shoulder tattoos for women as well. One of the most popular shoulder tattoo ideas we see for women feature multiple circles, running up and down both sides of the shoulder to excite sexual encounters or relations. They look like bubbles, and can be hollow or filled with a solid color. The most popular color of choice is pure black, because it’s easy to see and stands out.

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