Ribs Tattoo Ideas

Rib tattoos represent the deepest commitment to the art form. Take a second to think about it — rib cage tattoos involve the artist working on what is essentially just skin and bone, making this the most painful placement. This is part of the reason why it’s so popular with real tattoo lovers.

To tattoo on ribs is a skill that not all tattoo artists possess. The surface is ridged and sensitive, which is why many people choose side rib tattoos as opposed to covering their sternum straight off the bat.

Rib tattoo ideas are often linked to tattoo traditions — symbols such as eagles, skulls, or intricate font work are all regular rib tattoo ideas. Be warned though, choosing a massive piece will require multiple return visits as you are unlikely to be able to cope with the pain for more than a few hours.

If this is putting you off, then consider smaller, subtle tattoos on the side of your ribs. The curvature of the bones means it is well suited to fonts or linear design work. Rib tattoo designs often fit in with the body, so try to be open and find a design that fits with your physique.

98 Delightful Rib Cage Tattoo Ideas
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