Protection Tattoo Ideas

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If you are looking to get a tattoo that symbolizes protection, you can choose to use direct symbolism, abstract symbolism or something that includes text. Your tattoo artist should be able to take your protection tattoo ideas and complete a unique design that reflects your message and their style seamlessly.

Protect yourself against curses or ill-willed thoughts with the witch’s knot. It is a simple design that would be easy to tattoo on small spaces like the behind the ear or nape of the neck. A shield is a direct symbol of protection, which can carry protection in any form that you wish it to represent.

The Bowen knot is a universal symbol of protection. It can be embellished to fit into a specific design. It can also be the forefront of a scene, or can stand alone if you wish. Another powerful option is the sigil of Saint Michael, which is protection against the connectivity of negative entities with you.

To help you get some protection tattoo ideas, a small gallery of ideas is provided here for you to browse. Some of these ideas may help you abstractly display that you are protecting yourself against a specific force, whether it be real or spiritual.

19 Protection Tattoo Ideas
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