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Tattoos that mean power are often animals, or animals classified as beasts or dominant species. Men commonly use tigers, lions, and dragons as symbols of power. Bald eagles and eagles in general also symbolize power.

Now, you could be completely literal and just have the word “powerful” or “power” tattooed on you to remind you that you are strong and have strong will. In the background of the word, use a symbol of strength like a rock, anvil or workout equipment like dumbbells. These are simple power tattoo ideas that can be used by a man or a woman.

Tigers represent fearlessness in Chinese tradition. This sign of the zodiac is the rival to Chinese Dragons, so you could create a battle scene where the tiger is dominating a dragon to show your personal power over anything. Women can display beauty through power by having a female tiger with pink, blue, or green eyes creeping through a jungle or meadow of flowers.

These examples of tattoos that mean power will inspire you to combine a quote, like “Determination is power” as an example, with an interpretive element like a tiger with brightly colored eyes to symbolize inner strength and power.

46 Tattoo Ideas that Mean Power
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