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Neo traditional tattoos appeared in the tattoo art rather recently. This style may be described either like a combination of the old school and the new school — or like an old school with new trends. Anyway, when it comes to typical flashes — there is nothing like a typical, because the neo traditional tattoos combine both old and new schools.

When it comes to technique, there is no just one typical for the style. But still, the outlines look more like in traditional tattoo art — black and bold, or it may be more new school — thin and made in different colors. Though, you can choose your design to be much more colorful that the traditional one — and choose an idea slightly different from the typical old school. Of course, there is no limit when it comes to the idea. Still, if you want your tattoo to be real neo traditional, both aspects of traditional and modern tattooing should be represented in the design.

As for colors, in traditional designs only limited number of colors are used — usually the typical red, blue, green and yellow. In the neo traditional tattoos you may play with colors the way you want to — make them brighter, add more shading and make the design look more natural, artistic and colorful. Or you can choose to make an unusual design that looks not like the traditional one — but in basic colors, avoiding any neon bright ones. As you see, there is a lot of opportunities to make your neo traditional tattoo design the very special!

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