Neck Tattoo Ideas

Those with neck tattoos are often seen as strong or tough individuals. There are major veins and arteries flowing under the skin, so precision is an absolute must. Tattoos on neck areas require a decent tolerance to pain. Areas closer to the head, spine, Adam’s apple, or clavicle are more sensitive.

You will notice that some neck tattoo designs are kept small and feminine, such as those directly on the back of the neck. These are typically requested by women to commemorate an achievement, as an inspirational/motivational piece or something small that reflects their personalities.

Men and women both get tattoos on neck areas. It is more common among men. Given that it is a mostly visible part of the body, it is an ideal location for a bold statement pieces. You should pick one element of the design to be the basis of the theme and work off of that. You will end up with a well-composed design that flows.

An entire neck wrap tattoo can also be designed for you. You can get some neck tattoo ideas by viewing the examples provided here. Some designs have a main focal point in the front center portion of the throat to tie the rest of the neck tattoo in together.

71 Catchy Neck Tattoo Designs
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