Medium Tattoo Ideas

If you don’t want to make as big of an impact, a medium sized tattoo is an appropriate choice. It’s not so small that it’s hard to notice, and not so big as to create a dramatic scene. Medium sized tattoos are the classic option to impress friends through body art. They fit perfectly on the arm, shoulder, back, shoulder blade, leg, or neck. And medium sized tattoos DEFINITELY have the largest number of followers, and that’s the reason why you see them so often.

Some great examples of medium sized tattoos can be found in sketch work. There’s more medium sized sketchwork tattoos than any other size. And it makes perfect sense. A tattooist has the best chance of making a sale with medium size tattoos. Too small, and the tattooist misses their audience entirely. Too big, and there won’t be enough interested buyers. So Medium Size It Is!

500+ Adorable Medium-sized Tattoo Designs
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