Leg Tattoo Ideas

Picking a design for leg tattoos means that you have quite a few options as far as the concept is concerned. Given that the muscles move with your body, this is an ideal location for tattoos that are designed to show movement. You can use part of your leg or the entire leg, the choice is yours.

Some parts of your leg are more sensitive than others, and may be more painful during the tattoo process. If the pain gets too intense, ask your artist to take a break to let you calm down a bit. Getting tattoos on legs means that you have to stay still because too much movement can cause the artist to make a mistake.

If you plan to get multiple leg tattoos, keeping a central or main theme is ideal. Too many themes can confuse others as they view your tattoos.

Take a look at a few leg tattoo designs to see how placement is just as important as composition. The location of your tattoo determines how it is displayed as you move and can change how others see the design.

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