Horse Tattoo Ideas

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Horses have always been an essential part of human civilization. They are adored in many cultures: Chinese, Native American, Greco-Roman, Hindu, Buddhism... And every horse tattoo image is meaningful. Of course, due to the popularity, there are a lot of great horse tattoo ideas. For example, colored mane makes the black horse face more feminine, indicating its gender. This horse tattoo image looks great inked on the back.

The other brilliant idea is to include other meaningful symbols in the main design: heart symbolizes love, rider on the horse’s back represents control and devotion, fire makes the design more wild and expressive. You can also make a breed horse tattoo or even choose some interesting pose for your horse — galloping horse or the one rearing up with front legs in the air, or you can even make it fly. You can experiment with styles, too. Try one of the classic styles, or cartoon, or tribal one — there are plenty to choose. You should only set your imagination free!

57 Cute Horse Tattoo Ideas
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