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What is the main goal of the horror as a genre? Of course, to frighten you! Someone just can’t understand why others ink frightening or ugly tattoos. What about making the other wondering? Besides, all the terrifying symbols have their own very special meaning and are deeply integrated in different cultures. The most popular horror tattoo characters are vampires, zombies and werewolves — apart from the special patterns like coffins, crosses and skulls.

Vampire tattoos can be generally represented in one of the two styles. First one is more cartoonish, usually representing a vampire attacking a young woman — a scene from the folklore. This style is for you if you are fascinated by vampires as a fiction characters from movies and books. The second one makes vampires seem real — like they are walking among us. Vampires have always been linked to sex and seduction, representing alluring predators. And of course the most attractive thing about the vampires is their eternal life.

Zombies came to our culture from the Haitian folklore like persons who died and resurrected. Usually they are represented as mindless creatures whose goals are only to kill and to infect others — mostly by biting. During the last years zombies became some kind of modern icons — and thus zombie tattoos are popular being at the same time very different.

The other popular designs are werewolf tattoos. Werewolf is usually a human that loses control under some circumstances (full moon, for example) and turns into the wolf. The transformations almost always are painful and unexpected — and the wolf that appears after being out of control. In some kind wolf represents the other side of human — wild, strong and ruthless, controlled by animal instincts.

All of these designs may be inked as stand-alone tattoos or may be used as patterns of the bigger idea — all of them make horror tattoos so mind blowing and very special.

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